About Us

About Us

At Faro, we believe there is a better way of working.

We believe in relationships between people and in the values that sustain and nurture them.

We believe in sharing our expertise with our clients, offering support in simplifying the complex regulatory framework and proposing the best solutions in terms of both quality and cost.

Throughout our history we have tried to increasingly emphasise this stimulating and motivating aspect of our work as an added value to our proposals for solving your fire prevention and safety issues.

Our origins

Our story began in Turin, Italy, on a late summer's day in 1916, when the idea of creating a company to meet the needs of a slow-growing market became reality.

After an initial start as a manufacturer for the local market, the growing demand for our products led the world's first fire protection experts to offer us their research and ideas.

The first portable fire extinguishers with lightweight, pressure-resistant tanks, which were developed in cooperation with foreign companies, were introduced at the end of the 1920s.

The absolute innovation of the product and the use of new fire-extinguishing agents took us to the forefront of the fire extinguisher market.

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Years of Experience

Initial growth and development

After World War II, we focused our attention on customer service by creating, back in the 1950s, the first Italian fire extinguisher service and maintenance network with mobile workshops and branches dedicated to specific commercial areas.

We contributed to the study and distribution of Fluobrene: a new product that revolutionised the market and allowed us to make new investments in plant engineering.

International flair

Constant investment in research fuelled the company's growth: at the end of the 1980s, under the leadership of Count Baldovinetti, we were one of the leading Italian companies, in full competition with the large multinationals in the fire safety sector.

The extensive national service coverage, the vast network of contacts with leading customers and a brand that has been present in the fire safety market for 80 years led to a takeover offer from a major American multinational group. After the sale, our brand disappeared for a while, becoming part of the package of products and services offered by this new group.

A new beginning

In 2010, we were able to break out of our role as a mere branch of a multinational company and, with great commitment, we recovered our identity as an Italian company and reclaimed our historic brand.

In Abbiategrasso (MI), our long-time adoptive city, we celebrated the first 100 years of our unique history with a memorable party.

Towards the future

Following our mission, in 2018 we chose a clear and definitive course by bringing back to the centre of our strategy what we know best and what has most distinguished us in the history of fire protection in Italy: research and development.

In addition to the continuous improvement of our main products, we are committed to the development of new services and new international partnerships that allow us to offer unique solutions for an ever-evolving sector.

Our commitment to providing our customers with a clear understanding of a field that would otherwise be too vast to navigate without appropriate guidance is the cornerstone of our offering.

Faro Antincendio
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