Fire Prevention

The legislative provisions on occupational safety and health require the employer to employ appropriate fire-prevention and fire-fighting systems.

FARO is the right partner to deal with the following requirements, with expertise and experience:

  • Calculation of fire loads;
  • Drafting Emergency and Evacuation Plans;
  • Designing Emergency Management Systems.

The Fire Prevention Certificate (FPC) is one of the most important steps in fire safety design.

The Fire Prevention Certificate is required in many cases, prior to the start of work. Companies carrying out activities subject to inspection by the Provincial Fire Brigade Commands (pursuant to Italian Presidential Decree no. 689 of 26 May 1959, Tables A and B, and the Ministerial Decree of 16.02.1982) must apply for a Fire Prevention Certificate

The procedure for issuing the Fire Prevention Certificate involves a project being drawn up by a qualified technician, its analysis and approval by the relevant Fire Brigade command, the execution of the works envisaged in the project with any changes or additions indicated, and the subsequent inspection by the Fire Brigade.

FARO is the right partner to deal with government authorities and carry out all the technical steps of the procedure for issuing or renewing the Fire Prevention Certificate (issued for 3 or 6 years, depending on the activity).


Should it be necessary to verify that workplaces are in compliance with current fire prevention regulations, FARO is the right partner with its offering of a package of specific services, which includes:

  • Examination of the available documentation;
  • Verification of the state of the sites, equipment, systems, and buildings;
  • Identification of any upgrading work required.
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