Safety Signs

Safety signs are to all intents and purposes a means of prevention and protection. They provide information or state a requirement concerning safety or health and must be complied with if potential hazards are present in the environment which cannot be managed by technological systems or organisational processes.

In order to allow immediate understanding of the messages, safety signs bear standardised symbols, usually pictograms that are universally recognised and easily understood regardless of the nationality of the viewers.

Safety signage includes the following five types of signs:

  • Prohibition signs;
  • Warning signs;
  • Requirement signs;
  • Rescue signs;
  • Signs for fire-fighting equipment

Since they are a means of prevention and protection, they are appropriately regulated, and checking that the signs are in good condition and that they are appropriate for the risks involved is part of the control and maintenance activities to be carried out.

Faro is the right pratner!

  • Expertise: we know the standards and propose the right solution
  • Reliability: we test all the products we offer
  • Care for the environment: we know how to handle waste and have developed a system of circular economy and reuse
The FARO Team

  • Our technicians receive continuous professional training
  • Our staff are direct employees, not subcontracted
  • We are very well acquainted with multi-site industrial, logistics, and retail operations
FARO is always there

  • Technical service on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Direct phone support provided by our operators
  • Expert advice on all regulatory updates
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