Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational safety and health is regulated by a complex and dense network of regulations and laws that detail in a structured manner what needs to be done to be compliant.

In fact, occupational safety and health is the term used to describe the activities aimed at guaranteeing prevention and protection measures adopted by the employer with and for the workers, as set out in Italian Legislative Decree no. 81 - "Consolidation Law on Occupational Safety and Health" - as amended, which is aimed at all public and private activities, involving all the positions in a company.

FARO is committed to providing these services to companies and public service organisations with advice on safety and health in the workplace, appointment of a safety officer, drafting emergency plans, and assessment of risks.

In fact, a fundamental part of the "Consolidated Law on Occupational Safety and Health" is the Risk Assessment Document (RAD). Risk assessment is part of the Employer's obligation to document all the prevention and protection measures that have been taken within the company in order to increase the level of safety; this involves identifying all the hazards related to the activity carried out and quantifying the risk. It is an activity involving careful analysis carried out by the Employer together with the Head of the Prevention and Protection Service, the Occupational Physician, and involving the Worker Safety Representative.

Because the risk assessment allows the detailed identification of all potential hazards that workers may encounter during the course of their work, and lays the foundations for subsequent improvement programmes, it is the cornerstone of the development of company safety, but in its entirety it must always be overseen by specialised personnel.

FARO is the right partner to handle this important process with expertise: from the mapping of processes to the development and drafting of prevention and protection procedures.

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