The proper management of information is a guarantee of high-quality service. At Faro we are fully aware of this and the PRO. ME. TE. O. application, used by Faro's technical staff, meets this need.

Faro’s technicians receive a daily schedule of activities directly from the company's information systems. By consulting a detailed file, Faro's technicians are always aware of the customer's fire-fighting equipment and where it is located, any specific details, system types, inspection history, and wear and tear. This information is essential for improving safety.

With PRO. ME. TE. O., Faro is able to respond even more quickly to all urgent customer needs: depending on the work required, an automatic localisation system locates the relevant technician, allowing Faro to guarantee an immediate response time.

PRO. ME. TE. O. allows the customer to monitor the real-time status of their vehicles and systems from anywhere, to view their floor plans and easily locate the relevant points, and to access the inspection log and job details.

The management of technicians and their location, the scheduling of jobs, the management of emergencies, the display of future scenarios, device tracking, and the display of routes on the map, the management of job statistics, and live conference communications make Faro the right partner for effective service.

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