Door Fan Test

The Door Fan Test is a procedure of analysis and verification of the sealing characteristics of a room; it is compulsory as per standard UNI 11280:2020.

During the test, the reaction of the room during the pressure change between inside and outside, which occurs during gas discharge, is analysed: this is a specific procedure that evaluates the permeability of a room, or rather its seal. In the case of fire-fighting systems with gas fire-extinguishing agents, the Door Fan Test is used to determine whether or not the protected volume is able to contain the discharged gas and maintain an adequate concentration of it for the prescribed period of time.

After a series of air pressure and air flow measurements, carried out with the aid of special calculation software, the measured data is analysed and it is determined whether the room seal complies with the regulations. The Door Fan Test is considered to have been passed if the concentration of the fire-extinguishing gas exceeds the minimum value for a period of at least 10 minutes.

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