Fire Safety Surveillance

The fire safety surveillance service is generally provided in places where public entertainment activities take place, in accordance with current provisions of law.

This service is performed by private fire wardens, who are not members of the fire brigade, who have a very precise duty: enforcing fire safety regulations.

Fire wardens must:

  • Supervise fire-fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, fire-fighting equipment, first aid equipment, fire doors, signs, and paint);
  • Take immediate emergency action to extinguish fire outbreaks;
  • Promptly notify the fire brigade and call 118.
  • In the event of an emergency, assist any persons in need with first aid treatment.

Fire wardens obviously need to have precise qualifications and training that is consistent with their position: a certificate of technical competence in fire prevention and high-risk emergency situations is an essential requirement.

Faro is the right partner for the training necessary to perform this sensitive role.

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